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The Science Behind The Seed

Here at Premier Seed, we are confident of the quality of our Seed.

“The secret to successful seeding? High quality, viable seeds”

The Fundamentals of Seed Quality

Regardless of whether the landscape being seeded is a lawn, a sports pitch, road verge or paddock, the success or failure of a venture, relates to three main factors:

  • The suitability of the mixture selected.
  • The purity of the seed lots.
  • The germination rate of the seed lots being sown.

This also applies to the choice of seed and its suitability for the environment in question.

Seed will not perform to its full potential unless the seed lots being sown meets the minimum standard for purity and viability. Even the most suitable mix will not perform if the seed itself is old and unable to germinate.

Seed Purity & Germination Rates

Grass seed mixtures are sold by weight. The cleaner the seed, or those with the minimal impurities (such as weed seeds and stalks), the greater the purity of the content within the bag.

All seed lots used in the Premier range are cleaned to meet and often exceed, the HVS (Higher Voluntary Standard). In many cases this exceeds the EU minimum standards of purity that are required for a seed lots to be sold.

Premier Seed Quality

At 80% Perennial Ryegrass, and 20% strong creeping red fescue that meets HVS (Higher Voluntary Standard), the purity would be a minimum of  97.4%.

At EU minimum levels the purity would drop to as low as 94.80%. A 20kg bag would therefore contain at least half a kilo less seed. If we consider that the missing half kilo is made up of Chaff, stalk, debris and weed species, with the potential to block seeds drills and create an unsightly weedy seed bed that will need rectifying, buying quality saves time and money.

Germination is arguably a bigger factor. EU standards dictate that, depending on the species in question, seed must be at least 75 -80% viable – that is to say, 70-80% of the seed must be of suitable quality to enable it to germinate. At this level, only 15-16kg of seed from a 20kg bag will be fit for purpose.

“In contrast, at Premier Seed we pride ourselves on selling only the best quality seed lots with a germination rate at a minimum of 90%. This way we ensure that you can be confident of more grass and a faster sward establishment”

Not all bags of grass seed are the same and often a ‘cheap’ bag is false economy.

Maintaining our standards means

  • Fewer seed drill blockages
  • Better germination
  • Faster sward establishment
  • Improved sward density
  • Harder wearing swards
  • Easier sward management

Our Premier range is stored and despatched  from our purposed built facilities which have been specifically designed to the highest environmental standards.

Germination & Purity Standards

Common NameLatin NameHVS Purity StandardMinimum Purity Purity Standard
Red FescueFestuca Rubra95%90%
Perennial Rye GrassLolium Perenne98%96%

The following species are covered under Red Fescue

  • Chewing’s Fescue
  • Slender Creeping Red Fescue
  • Strong Creeping Red Fescue
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